Winston Churchill: Bored With It All

Winston Churchill: Bored With It All

Soldier, historian, inventor, reporter, athlete, painter, novelist, horseman, bricklayer, gardener, linguist, teacher, strategist, statesman … Prime Minister.  (Whew!)  One could certainly make a case that Winston Churchill was the Most Interesting Man in the World.  

As we saw in the video, the man who was recently voted the Greatest Englishman in history used his relentless energy to pack a lot into his 90 years on earth.

We know a lot about Churchill’s leadership during World War II, but the man had a remarkable second act as well.  After politics, he turned to writing, and was so good at it that he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.  Oil painting was another hobby, and Churchill became quite good at that too, winning competitions and seeing his works purchased for galleries and private collections.  Even Pablo Picasso was a fan.

So with all those accomplishments on his resume, you’d think this would be a man whose final moments would reflect warm satisfaction.  But alas, Winston Churchill, the man whose battle cry was “never give up,” said on his deathbed, “I am convinced that there is no hope.”  Before passing on, the man known as The British Bulldog blankly declared “I’m bored with it all.”

So what kept this great man from feeling satisfied?  Why was he still so thirsty after a life well-lived?  What made him believe that life was nothing, all hope was gone, and his existence was merely ‘dust in the wind?’