The Path Ahead

Monologue Script:  The Path Ahead

(Deep breath)  Mmm.  Fresh air.  I’d almost forgotten what it feels like to breathe it in.  I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever see the woods again.

I’ve needed this.  And missed it.  A chance to get alone with my thoughts.  To sort stuff out.  

I remember the last time I was in these woods a few years ago.  Sprained my ankle jogging on this very path.  The sun was going down and I wasn’t paying attention.  Stepped on a big root, went down like a sack of potatoes.  I’ll never forget hobbling home in the dark.  Two hours to go a mile.

Ha!  Yep, I see the irony.  A great metaphor for my life.  Running fast in the dark, not paying attention.  And any moment I could make a wrong step and then … pain.  

Like that job I took right out of college.  Good money, so I plunged right in.  I didn’t discuss it with anyone, didn’t do any research.  Didn’t even take time to think about whether I was right for the job or where it might lead. Mistake. Two years of pain.  And probably set my career back five.  

And then I did the same thing a few years later, leaving a stable job to jump ship for that startup.  I thought I’d thought it through, but again, I just plunged in, didn’t really talk it over with anyone.  I told a lot of people about it, but didn’t take any advice or listen to any warnings.  

But that’s been my pattern.  Opportunities. React.  Choices.  React.  Decisions.  React.  The rush of information is overwhelming.  And in so many cases, the choices seem sensible, logical … it’s hard to make the best choice.  So I end up just grabbing at the one that’s quickest, closest, easiest.  (pause)   

So here I am again.  A big job offer.  And this one isn’t just about me or my career.  This one also affects Wendy and the kids.  A little less money, but room to advance.  A volatile industry, but enormous potential.  Smart leadership.  Great benefits.  Fantastic stock options.  But it means cutting ties with a firm I’ve been with for nearly a decade.   And moving.  Selling the house, changing schools.  

SOUND EFFECT:  Thunder in the distance

Go figure. A storm’s coming.  The wind is kicking up.  The path is getting rocky.  And it’s gonna get dark soon.  

I’ll head back home.  I’ve got some decisions to make.