Horizon Is


Life is a journey. Each of us takes a different path, travels at a different speed and sees unique sights along the way. In matters of faith, this is especially true. We’re each designed to move at our own pace toward understanding and purpose. Individual and distinct, yes, but the destination is important to us all.  No matter where you are, Horizon is…

Horizon’s mission is to comfortably connect people to God through the Bible and a community of growing Christ followers.  We believe the Bible is the guiding force for good decision making.  Our marriages, our families, and ultimately our eternities can be better when we understand it deeply, and allow His values take root in our lives.

But not everyone is ready to fully embrace this perspective.  Even some followers of Jesus wrestle with aspects of our beliefs, and in a world that bombards us with alternative views and values, it’s only natural that doubts would come up.

At Horizon, that’s just fine. (pause)  In fact, we think God welcomes the challenge of our investigation, and is happy to hear our questions.  With that in mind, Horizon has created environments for people of all denominations and viewpoints to explore faith at their own pace.

Horizon offers two completely different services for adults on Sundays, each presenting the teachings of the Bible in relevant and engaging ways.

The two services differ in approach, emphasis and subject matter, not just music.  The Equipping Service offers participatory praise music, modernized traditional hymns, and verse-by-verse Bible teaching aimed at Christ followers.

The Exploring Service offers creative & relevant topics with a Biblical foundation, supported by popular music and media, for those examining the building blocks of Christian thought.

In addition, small groups and Bible studies throughout the week provide ongoing learning for all ages.

Kids also enjoy environments custom-designed to make church exciting and memorable.  Children who love Disney and Nickelodeon feel right at home in Exploration Station, seeing the Bible come alive through creative videos, entertaining characters, dazzling lights, and upbeat music.

Needs change as teens mature, and at Horizon, each season of life is paired with its own ministry program.  No matter the age, the twin values of fun and exploration are always present, and options are abundant.  Students may gather as a large group to enjoy presentations and dynamic concerts in the Student Theater, play games and have active discussions in the Loft, or enjoy a laid-back breakout session in the Garage.  The game systems and live music may attract students initially, but it’s the meaningful friendships that keep them coming back.

Whether grabbing a cup of coffee before the service, meeting in homes for bible study, or carpooling downtown to serve at City Gospel Mission, the Horizon community is actively connecting for fun, service, and impact.

Lifelong friendships are forged in the trenches, as Horizon’s Action Teams work to feed the hungry, build homes in impoverished settings, and provide medical care to needy families.  Our annual trips to Belize and Mexico put hands and feet to Horizon’s vision of “challenging leaders to change the world.”

Horizon has a philosophy that everyone is welcome, and visitors are valued.    We aim to create a “no pressure” environment where you can stay on the sidelines, come and go as you please, or jump in with both feet.

Our surroundings offer options – a bustling conversation center, a cozy coffee bar, a quiet sofa for reading, a handsome chapel for services – it’s all here, designed with you in mind.  The views inside and out are striking.  It was meant to be that way, designed to celebrate a great and giving God — and built to reflect his life-changing impact, for today and generations to come.